H O M - E - O P D

A Clinic Management Software

Hom-e-OPD is a flexible software solution for clinics, out-patient departments inside hospitals and clinic chains. It manages Medical Data of the patients and Administrative data of the practice. Its design lets user store data with ease, quickly retrieve data and use this data in various combinations and formats to make better decisions on patient treatment, customer service and practice profitability. Hom-e-OPD Systems is a Customizable,  comprehensive, integrated information systems designed to manage the information and workflow processes of patients within a medical institution or a mobile medical unit - clinic hotspot. For example patients registration, old appointment/ case appointment and many.

Hom-e-OPD supports the following devices: IOS, Android. As well as supports in any browser.

This software is highly effective for maintaining the records. None of you find a difficulty to use it. My belief is that without using any tool you don't know it very well. So my suggestion is that use it first and then see the changing effects in your business. My management is very cooperative with me and I am thankful to them for a wonderful product.

It's pretty simple, just call and mail our support team and we will be ready to show you the demo online in minutes. Contact number: 9779219625, 9779219653 E-mail id: support@keystrokedevelopers.com


You can call our support team for immediate assistance in this regard. We will connect you ONLINE with REMOTE Software to resolve your issue in no time.

Unlimited logins.


We are available on all working days from 10 AM to 7 PM.


NO WORRY! Just login in any browser and device using your given ID and password.

NO! Internet is required to use any functionality.


You can find the contact details for Support Team at 1. Website (www.gymediary.com) 2. In software Help->Contact Us menu.

A branded Hom-e-OPD application is the most modern and ultra- classy way of branding and the best part is, it is cost-effective, it keeps you and your hospital name on the minds of your Patients 24/7. A Hom-e-OPD application will take out any need for paper from the business.

Our branded mobile application is in sync with Hom-e-OPD software. Let your clients see appointments status, health tips, visit history and pending balance on time right your mobile app. And you can also get information about current health condition. Another feature of most software platforms is a mobile app, which has several key benefits. Most of all, a mobile app keeps your patients connected to your hospital and enhances the patients experience overall.

Hom-e-OPD Software is 100% online software. We don’t deal in offline technologies.

In the beginning, a lot of hospital rely on pen and paper or simple spreadsheets to keep track of what’s happening in their business. However, as they grow, critical functions such as lead generation, patients management, payments, and appointments booking can become messy without a streamlined software solution to carry out these tasks. The result of this is a poor patients experience that can cause patients to leave and growth to slow down. A good patients management software combines a management platform, payment solution, scheduling software and online registration service all-in- one. Ease of use is essential, not only for the patients but for the staff, so they can make sure all aspects of the business are looked after.

Integration of SMS services is free of cost. But purchase of SMS pack is not free of cost.

Hom-e-OPD makes it convenient for the patients, doctors, and staffs to collaborate. It enables efficient tracking patient information, prescriptions, interactions & past records. This also streamlines patient scheduling and managing billing & insurance. Patients will have access to health reports, diagnosis & results in real-time.  Secure login  Document management  Calendar  Appointment management  Profile management.

Digital transformation has made it possible for the users or patients to get in touch with an organization through multiple touch points. Healthcare industry has adapted to enterprise mobility to improve the patient experience securely. The mobile app makes it convenient for the patient to check the appointment, Balance, visit details, history and many more.  Visit details & past history  Balance  Book Appointment  Real-time update  Access anytime & anywhere.