H O M - E - O P D


Can you migrate old data or upload data in your Gym-e-Diary Software

Yes, your data can be migrated or uploaded in Gym-e-Diary Software by our backend team. This service is chargeable

Are there any charges for integration of SMS/Email

Integration of SMS/Email services is free of cost. But purchase of SMS pack is not free of cost

How Can Gym Management Software Grow Your Business

In the beginning, a lot of gym owners rely on pen and paper or simple spreadsheets to keep track of what’s happening in their business. However, as they grow, critical functions such as lead generation, membership management, payments, and class

How does the Gym-e-Diary Software app work

Our branded mobile application is in sync with Gym-e-Diary software. Let your clients see membership status and pending balance on time right your mobile app. And you can also get information about active Package and body measurements. Most of all,

Is owning a gym application profitable

A branded gym application is the most modern and ultra-classy way of branding and the best part is, it is cost-effective, it keeps you and your gym name on the minds of your members 24/7. A gym application will take

Where can I find the contact details of RegalMojo Support Team

You can find the contact details for Support Team at 1.Website (www.gymediary.com) 2. In software Help->Contact Us menu.

Can I send SMS without internet

NO!  Internet is required to use SMS functionality.

What if something happened to my computer? How can I get my data back

NO WORRY! Just login in any browser and device using your given ID and password.