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At preach we provide selfless service to our fellow Homoeopaths through all possible means so that no seeker of knowledge shall remain thirsty,in addition to seminars & classes,words of wisdom are being spread via social media and now we here begin a new journey by sharing our experiences through printed articles. This is our first


Calcarea Sulphurica (Calcium Sulphate/ Sulphate of Lime).Common name: Anhydrous Gypsum.Calcium sulphate is commonly known as gypsum and is most familiar to us as plaster of Paris.CaSO4 THE ORIGINAL/ HEALTHY CELL (A divine spark)-It is the healthy cell with full of all probabilities and possibilities of life we have to choose.It is the cell with its


HEALTHY CELL/ DIVINE SPARK: It is the cell with all its completed physiologial and psychological needs. Physiological needs- food, water, air, sleep etc, are all fulfilled.Psychological needs- love, care, security, happiness, abundance, faith, oneness, etc are complete. When all these need are fulfilled, the cell is in healthy state and is original reflection of divine

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